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Szkoły Doktorskie (rekrutacja na rok akademicki 2023/2024)

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Interdisciplinary PhD Programme in Medical and Health Sciences

Kod n.medy.n.zdro_inter_ang_sd_PC
Jednostka organizacyjna Szkoła Doktorska Nauk Medycznych i Nauk o Zdrowiu
Dziedzina/dyscyplina naukowa nauki medyczne i nauki o zdrowiu
Poziom kształcenia szkoła doktorska
Limit miejsc 4
Wymagany dokument
  • dyplom ukończenia studiów
Obecnie nie trwają zapisy.

Minione tury w tej rekrutacji:
  • Tura 1 (07.08.2023 12:00 – 14.08.2023 23:59)

Important! The interview is in English only.

About the programme

website szkoladoktorska.cm-uj.krakow.pl
programme about the programme
field Medical and Health Sciences

Admission regulations

Information regarding:

  • detailed rules of the admission process (including assessment criteria),
  • admission schedule,
  • documents required in the admission process and mode for their submission

are available on the website of the Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences: https://szkoladoktorska.cm-uj.krakow.pl/en/admissions.

Admission rules for the Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences have been established in the resolution no. 6/II/2023 of the Senate of the Jagiellonian University of 22 February 2023.

Sign up form

Application form

In the “Admission form” tab candidate enters the following information:

  • enters the name of the candidate's studies and degree obtained,
  • chooses the answer best describing candidate's current situation with Magister or master title,
  • chooses the answer best describing candidate's current situation with doctoral school,
  • selects the research topic and chooses, if the project requires that candidate performs independent medical activities.

In the “Admission form” tab candidate uploads the following files:

  • scan of the university graduation diploma,
  • candidate applying on the basis of Article 186(2) of the Polish Law on Higher Education and Science Act, i.e. who does not hold a Magister (master) title: two opinions confirming exceptional quality of research,
  • candidate who chooses the research topic which requires independent medical activities: a document confirming the license to practice a profession.

Academic achievements

In the “Academic achievements” tab candidate uploads the following files:

  • documents certifying English knowledge,
  • academic achievements form (please download the academic achievements form, fill it out, sign, and upload as a single PDF file in this field),
  • confirmation of academic achievements from the Medical Library of JU CM,
  • documents confirm academic achievements in the following fields:
    • publications in academic journals and monographs,
    • confirmations of conference participation,
    • confirmations of awards received for outstanding academic achievements,
    • confirmations of patents,
    • confirmation of holding a role of PI in a research project awarded in a contest, funded externally or from university funds.

You can only upload a single file in each of the document upload fields, so please note that to upload a document comprising more pages, or multiple documents belonging in the same category, you must first merge the documents into a single file.

Each document issued in a language other than Polish or English has to be enclosed with a certified translation into Polish or English.

Confirming your application

Candidates do not have to confirm their applications. Applications submitted in full by the end of the period for submitting applications established in the schedule will be considered by the committee.


Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences
office hours

Monday–Friday (except Thursday): 9:00–14:00


+48 12 61 99 730
+48 12 61 99 729




ul. św. Łazarza 16, room 217, I floor
31-530 Kraków