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School of Medicine in English

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MD program in English

Code medica.doct_sjm_PC_en
Organizational unit Faculty of Medicine
Field of studies MD program in English
Form of studies full-time
Level of education undergraduate (long-cycle)
Educational profile academic
Language(s) of instruction English
Minimum number of students 32
Number of places offered 125
Duration 6 years (12 semesters)
Required document
  • secondary education document (Polish Matura or foreign equivalent)
There are currently no active application rounds for this programme.

Past rounds in this registration:
  • Application round 1 (01.03.2021 14:00 – 10.05.2021 23:59)

About the programme

curriculum course overview
application fee
100 PLN
tuition fees

For the 1st year: 14 500 EUR
For the 2nd year: 14 500 EUR
For the 3rd year: 14 500 EUR
For the 4th year: 14 500 EUR
For the 5th year: 14 500 EUR
For the 6th year: 14 500 EUR

In total: 87 000 EUR

More information: fees.

Who can apply

It is formally required that all candidates to this programme meet the following criteria:

  1. Holding a document confirming knowledge of English language provided that secondary education was conducted in a language other than English. CEFR B2 level of English command must be confirmed by one of the following documents:
    • IELTS—at least 6.5 points,
    • TOEFL iBT—at least 87 points and at least 3.5 from TWE,
    • TOEFL PBT—at least 510 points test score (for computer-based test, at least 180 points)
    or equivalent. Candidates from Scandinavian countries may present their English language school course grades as on the high school graduation certificate. The minimum accepted grades are as follows:
    • candidates from Norway—4,
    • candidates from Sweden—C (VG),
    • candidates from Denmark—7.
    If a candidate from a Scandinavian country does not hold a required grade from English language school course, they are obliged to present one of the documents enlisted above as proof of their English language ability.
  2. Holding a high school leaving examination certificate or diploma of secondary education, which entitles its holder to be considered for admission to MD programs in the state it was obtained in.
  3. Having completed Chemistry and Biology or Physics courses during secondary and/or supplementary education, confirmed by a certificate including grade, or by an entry in the diploma of secondary education.

Final result calculation

Order on the ranking list of candidates is determined by their final results, expressed as a number on a scale from 0 to 100. The final result is based on the result of a written entrance examination conducted in English from a subject Reasoning and Critical Thinking in Pre-medical Sciences.

Entrance examination description

The entrance examination is a multiple choice test in reasoning and critical thinking in premedical sciences. The test verifies the candidate’s analytical skills and ability to solve problems logically, based on information provided, general knowledge and foundations of medicine. Knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/Logic is checked through problems based on text analysis, as well as questions related to charts, graphs and reasoning skills.

The entrance examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. Each question has 5 answers, but only one is correct (except for true/false questions, where one has to choose a correct statement). Examination duration: 180 minutes.

More information about the exam: School of Medicine in English website.

Dates of the examination

  • May 22, 2021 (c. 10am CST)
  • May 29, 2021 (c. 10am CEST)
  • June 5, 2021 (Scandinavia) (date available only for candidates applying via EEC)

Candidates select the preferred exam date upon registration in the OAS (the choice is later confirmed by the School Office).

Attention! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic announced by the WHO, this year's examination sessions will be conducted online. Detailed information about the examination sessions will be sent to candidates who register for the programme.

Admission process

Guide to the admission process at the Jagiellonian University may be found here: admissions step by step.

Admission schedule

Admission process to this programme is conducted in accordance with the schedule: admissions schedule.

Documents required for qualification for the exam

When filling out the sign up form in the system, candidates are obliged to upload the following documents:

  • motivation letter (one A4 page long essay in English on reasons for choosing medical studies),
  • copy of the diploma of secondary education or a copy of high school certificate (transcript of grades), or copy of supplementary education certificate comprising grades in the following subjects: Biology or Physics and Chemistry,
  • copy of a document confirming knowledge of English, if the secondary education was conducted in a language other than English.

Documents should be issued in Polish or in English, or include a ceritifed translation in Polish or English, in accordance with the requirements for translations outlined below (“Translation into Polish or English”).

Documents required for the enrolment

Candidates qualified for admission will be notified of the date and method for the enrolment in their system account.

The enrolment procedure includes delivering the following documents to the office named in the enrolment notification:

  • personal questionnaire downloaded from the system, including the photograph, together with other documents downloaded from the system from under the link “Documents and further steps” in the table of the application for this programme,
  • original copies of documents uploaded in the system when filling out the sign up form (secondary education document and the document confirming command of English),
  • copy of the high school leaving certificate or diploma of secondary education entitling its holder to apply for university admission in the Republic of Poland, which in its country of issue entitles its holder to be admitted to medical education programmes,
  • health certificate (on the form available on the School website: health certificate),
  • immunization proof (on the form available on the School website: immunization proof).

During the enrolment procedure, candidate has to present their passport (or—if they are a European Union citizen—their EU citizen ID).

Persons who cannot come in person to enrol should contact School of Medicine in English to be allowed to enrol by post:

Using foreign education documents in Poland

Education documents (high school leaving certificates, diplomas of secondary education etc.—i.e., documents confirming holder's right to enrol into university-level programmes) obtained outside of Poland must be affixed with apostille clause or legalized. This requirement does not apply to International Baccalaureate diploma and European Baccalaureate certificate.

In special cases, a decision issued by Polish education authority (kurator oświaty) on the recognition of a foreign education document (read more: decision on recognition of a document of international qualification).

Translation into Polish or English

Every document issued in a language other than Polish or English has to be enclosed with its certified (“sworn”) translation into Polish or English. Translation should be certified by:

  • Polish sworn translator (person entered into the registry of sworn translators and interpreters kept by the Polish Minister of Justice; see: registry of translators) or
  • person registered in an equivalent function to the Polish sworn translator in a Member State of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, or another OECD country or
  • Polish consul proper for the country where the document was issued, or within the legal system of which the document was issued or
  • diplomatic mission, accredited in Poland, or consular office proper for the country where the document was issued, or within the legal system of which the document was issued.

Apostille clause issued in a language other than Polish or English also needs to be translated. International Baccalaureate diplomas do not need to be translated.

Additional documents

Depending on candidate's situation, additional documents may be required:

  • power of attorney—if the candidate is represented by another person for the enrolment (best: downloaded from the candidate's account),
  • documents required if the candidate is legally a minor—if the candidate is younger than 18 years old (read more),
  • decision issued by Polish education authority (kurator oświaty) on the recognition of a foreign education document—for documents requiring this procedure.

If you have questions about the documents, please contact the School of Medicine in English:


Foreigners need to have an appropriate medical insurance to be able to begin studies. More information: insurance proof.

If the candidate does not hold this document upon enrolment, they sign a declaration that they will submit the document by no later than 27 September 2021.


Faculty of Medicine
School of Medicine in English

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