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Doctoral Schools

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Interdisciplinary and Cross-Domain Doctoral Programme within the Una-Her-Doc agreement

Code n.huma_inte.mied.prog.dokt_sd_PC
Organizational unit Doctoral School in the Humanities
Area/discipline Interdisciplinary programmes
Level of education doctoral studies
Number of places offered 2
Required document
  • higher education diploma
Application round 1 (25.04.2022 12:00 – 30.08.2022 23:59)

About the doctoral programme

website human.phd.uj.edu.pl
doctoral programme doctoral programme website

Important! All documentation and the interview are in English only.

Admission regulations

Information regarding:

  • detailed rules of the admission process (including assessment criteria),
  • admission schedule,
  • documents required in the admission process and mode for their submission

are available on the website of the Doctoral School in the Humanities: https://human.phd.uj.edu.pl/rekrutacja.

Admission rules for the Doctoral School in the Humanities have been established in the resolution no. 105/XI/2021 of the Senate of the Jagiellonian University of 24 November 2021.

Sign up form

After clicking on the “Sign up” button, Candidate fills out the online sign up form.

Admission form

In the “Admission form – external funds” tab Candidate enters the following information:

  • very good English skills,
  • motivation letter,
  • curriculum vitae emphasising academic achievements,
  • publications in the field of heritage studies or related areas (not required),
  • non-academic experience preferably in the heritage sector (not required),
  • chooses which of the achievements from among those taken into consideration they hold,
  • enters information about the publications published by the day of the submission of the application.

In the “Admission form – external funds” tab Candidate uploads the following files:

  • official English certificate at level C1 or C2 (if the Candidate is not a native seaker of English),
  • description of international experiences,
  • the certificate of the language of the Una Europa partner university (not required),
  • detailed justification for choosing the university unit (Faculty, Institute, Chair) where research will be based with a statement of a senior researcher employed at the unit on becoming Candidate's academic supervisor, or on offering help in finding Candidate's supervisor (on the form downloaded from the School website),
  • proofs of achievements.

Education details

In the “Education details” tab Candidate enters the following information:

  • selects option best describing their situation regarding having been awarded the Magister (master) title,
  • enters information about courses of study they have graduated from,
  • enters information about their doctoral degree (if they hold a doctoral degree),
  • selects option best describing their situation regarding the doctoral student status,
  • enters information about their education in another doctoral school or their doctoral studies (if they are a doctoral student at the time of submission of the application),
  • enters information about previously pursued doctoral project (if they are a doctoral student at the time of submission of the application).

Candidate who does not hold a Magister (master) title but they will hold it by the time of enrolment at the School:

  • uploads the certificate confirming the prospective date of graduation (signed by their supervisor and confirmed by the institution or university from which they will be graduating).

Candidate applying on the basis of Article 186(2) of the Polish Law on Higher Education and Science Act, i.e. who does not hold a Magister (master) title and applied for admission to the School based on their exceptional achievements:

  • uploads scan of the certificate confirming their status as a beneficiary of the Polish Ministy of Science and Higher Education programmes “Diamond Grant” or “Pearls of Science”, or
  • enters names of four persons (not necessarily from the Jagiellonian University) who can author reference letters confirming the exceptional quality of the research and who meet the requirements listed in the “Formal preliminary requirements for participation in the admission procedure” section (format: name, surname, academic degree/title, affiliation, email address).

Research project plan and single-authored essay

In the “Research project plan and single-authored essay” tab Candidate enters the following information:

  • title of the research project,
  • title of the single-authored text proving Candidate’s research abilities.

In the “Research project plan and single-authored essay” tab Candidate uploads the following file:

  • research project plan and a single-authored text proving Candidate’s research abilities (on the form downloaded from the School website, as a single PDF file).


In the “Diploma” tab Candidate may upload scan of the diploma of graduation from second-cycle studies (if they have this document).

Recommendation letter

In the “Recommendation letter” tab Candidate provides the email address of the person who will write their recommendation letter.

The Online Application System sends an automatic email containing a link to the recommendation letter form to the provided email address. Author of the letter must fill out and save the form before the date specified in the admission schedule.

Please note that recommendation letter is filled out in the provided fields in the system, not uploaded as a PDF file.

Confirming your application

Candidates do not have to confirm their applications. Applications submitted in full by the end of the period for submitting applications established in the schedule will be considered by the committee.


Doctoral School in the Humanities
office hours

 Monday–Thursday: 10:00–14:00


 +48 12 663 38 86




ul. Rynek Główny 34, II floor, room 5
30-010 Kraków