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Second-cycle programmes – for foreigners

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Graduate (second-cycle) admissions – for foreigners

For admissions for second-cycle programmes for Polish citizenship holders please visit this website: admissions for Polish citizens.

The full admissions schedule is available on our websites: (programmes in foreign languages) and (programmes in Polish).

Step by step

Before you begin your application, please read information about the programmes and the admission procedure published on the University websites:

  • admissions guide for programmes in foreign languages:
  • admissions guide for programmes in Polish: (website available in Polish)
  • programme cards available under the “Studies” link above.


Step 1. Create an account and fill out the forms

To be able to sign up for admission to a programme, you first need to have a candidate's account in the system. To create an account, find the “Create an account” link in the upper right part of the website.

Important! Use an email address which you really use on a regular basis. After you create your account, we will send you an email with an activation link. To be able to use your account, you have to click on the link. If you cannot activate your account, please contact the Admissions Office at

After activation your account, log into the system and fill out the forms with information about your personal data and education history. Forms are available in the “Personal forms” tab in your account.


Please upload a photograph of yourself that complies with the requirements for a Polish personal ID or passport—these requirements are listed on the photo upload page. This photograph will be used in your student ID, which is why it has to be appropriate for use in official documents (a social media profile style photo is not acceptable). Each photograph uploaded has to be accepted by the administration. An accepted photo is required for the enrolment.

Please note! You can register for a programme without a photograph, or with a photograph which status is “pending” or “rejected”. An accepted photograph is only required for the enrolment.


When filling out the “Education” tab, please note that you do not have to input all the information about your documents. To be able to register for a programme, is it sufficient to add document type (e.g. foreign bachelor diploma), year of issue, and country of issue. Additional information (e.g. final diploma grade), if required in the admission process to your programme of choice, are entered upon submission of application to that programme.

The remaining information (number, date of issue, issuing institution etc) are only required for enrolment.

You do not need to upload any scanned copies of these documents in this form. If any documents are required in the application to your programme of choice, you will be asked to upload them in a separate form upon submission of your application to this programme.


Step 2. Sign up for a programme

Find the “Studies” link in the blue menu bar on the right—it will take you to a page listing graduate programmes offered to foreign applicants by the Jagiellonian University. Choose a programme you would like to apply to and click on the green “Sign up” button in the programme card.

Fill out additional information required in the sign up form and upload the documents, if your programme of choice requires you to do so. You may check this in advance in the programme card.

When you complete the sign up process, you can find your application in the “Enrollment applications” tab in your account.


Step 3. Pay the application fee

For the application to be assessed in the admission process, it has to be paid for with an application fee. These fees have to be paid within the dates for signing up for programmes. The amount of the application fees related to your applications and the bank account number for transfers are available in the “Payments” tab in your account.


Step 4. Pass the entrance exam—if an exam is part of the process

Whether an exam is required in admissions to a programme depends on the assessment criteria for the programme. Details for each programme are available in study cards (“Studies”).

If you should take an entrance exam, details about the exam will be sent to you by at least two days before the exam date through “Messages” tab in your account.

Important: Due to the current situation, the interviews will be conducted online (via Skype, Teams etc.). Details will be provided individually to all candidates through their OAS accounts. To take part in the interview, please note that you will need a stable Internet connection, a working microphone and headphones or speakers, as well as a webcam (your identity will be verified with the document (passport) you need to show to the camera, and you are expected to answer questions without assistance of other people).

Programmes in Polish

For programmes in Polish, foreigners are always required to take part in a entrance exam, as its results determine their placement on the ranking list of candidates.

Programmes in foreign languages

For programmes in foreign languages, exams may be required in the process, but in some cases they aren't.

Please note that it may be required in admission process to a programme that candidate submits a set of required documents, which is then subject to verification before the candidate is invited to the entrance exam. In such case detailed information about the exam is only sent to the candidates qualified for the exam, and the remaining candidates may be informed of not being qualified for the exam.

For some programmes, a language exam is conducted, which aim is to assess candidate's knowledge of the language in which the programme is taught. For those exams, candidates may apply for an exemption, if they can present one of the accepted language certificates.


Step 5. Check the results

Admission results will be published in the system on the day specified in the admission schedule. Log into your account and check your result in the “Enrollment applications” tab.


Step 6. Enrol into the programme

If you find “qualified for admission” status in the “Enrollment applications” tab—congratulations! This means that the University has accepted you application and is now inviting you to officially enrol. The “Documents and further steps” link in the application table takes you to a page where you can download the documents required for enrolment and lists information about the enrolment procedure.

Good luck with your application!